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How to Write a Magazine Article that People Love

How to Write a Magazine Article

Are you eager to know how to write a magazine article? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Writing a magazine article is easy, but getting it published is entirely another story. But don’t worry, this article will show you how to write an article that can appeal to the public.

Choose a Topic that You Are Interested In

Make sure you write about a topic that you are an expert in. You don’t have to know everything about that topic. But when you are interested in it, you will have more energy and passion to do research.

Your expertise is your selling point. It is the one that distinguishes you from the other writers. Publishers always look for an article with in-depth research. If you can provide that, you will stand out from the competition.

Do Your Research

If you want to write an article for a magazine, you must be willing to research the topic. No matter how knowledgeable you are about a particular topic, research is still essential. You need to know what people like and are eager to learn.

In addition, information flows move very fast nowadays. What we learned a week ago can be different from what is happening now. This is why research is important, to make sure your writing is current and always up to date.

Know Your Audience

The next thing you need to focus on when you learn how to write a magazine article is researching who your audience is. It will determine the tone you use for the article and how you should approach the topic.

To know who your audience is, you need to research who the target reader of the magazine is. Find out the gender, age, profession, personal interests, and financial situation of the target group. Different target groups will care about a different issues, and you should cater to what they need. You can read some magazine article examples to learn more about how the magazine approaches its audience.

Choose an Angle

After knowing your audience and what topic you want to write for them, you need to choose an angle. An angle is basically how you approach an issue. Ten writers can write about the same topic, but they can choose a different angle.

The angle you choose can make you stand out or even get buried among the crowds. So, you need to be careful about this. Try to find an interesting angle, something that has not been discussed before, which will immediately grab the reader’s attention.

Follow the Magazine’s Guidelines

Last but not least, you have to understand the features of a magazine article. It can be different from one magazine to another. So, you need to do research first—how many words are required, the tone that you need to use, how deep the article must be, and the other structural requirements.

Now that you know how to write a magazine article, it is time to open your computer and get writing! Create an outline, gather all the sources, and start writing.

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