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Tips to Write the Best Page Title to Improve Your SEO Strength

Improve SEO Strength

People often forget to write page titles whenever they create an article or content for their blog or website. They always made it after they wrote their article. That’s not wrong, but it is not effective. Why? The title of the content and page has a big role in your website or blog SEO strength. Writing a good one will multiply its strength. It will become the best weapon to attract more traffic to come.

In this article, you will learn the importance of page and content title. We also show you how to write a good title that can improve the SEO efficiency and strength on the Google page. Let’s start!

What is the Page Title?

A page title is not only a sentence that represents the topic of the article, as we all know. But it is also the sentence that will be shown on the Google search result page. Yes, you might also add some Meta descriptions to explain more about what people can find in your content. However, the title is the first part of your page that will attract the attention of the internet user.

The Importance of Page Title

Why is the page title important? Many factors put the page title one of the essential elements of your page or website/blog SEO. Here are some of them: Google search result

Google uses the page title of your content to determine the topic of the search result. The algorithm will detect the word that matches the topic or tags that you use from the title. Then, it will scan the content to find the related keywords and the content that matches the topic or keyword used by the internet user to search for the content. So, with a good page title, it will also produce a better page rank.

1. Tell the internet user about the information they will get

Many people rely on the Meta description to provide information about the content of the page. It is now wrong. However, people will see the title first before they read the description. Therefore, if you can create a good and catchy title, which also matches the internet users’ interest, there is a big chance that they will visit your website.

2. Confirmation reference for Google

Interestingly, Google doesn’t always use the page title to produce the SERP results. Often, Google only uses the title tag to determine the page rank of the website. However, it always confirms the tag by checking the title. By matching these two elements, Google can determine at what rank your website will be displayed on the search result page.

3. Attract more visitors

Of course, the purpose of creating a good page title is to attract people to visit your website. So, an interesting and inviting, plus an informational title page will help you achieve that purpose. Mostly, people will scan through the whole page result. Using an interesting page title will make them stop the scrolling, then take a second to read the description. That will increase the chance of them visiting your website.

Tips to Write Page Title

How to write a page title that attracts people? Here, we have several tips that you can try:

1. Use the keyword in your page title

As we mentioned, Google will match your keyword with the title. So, to improve the page rank result, you also should put the keywords inside your title. It will confirm that content is what the people need. Then, Google will recommend it on the search result page.

You can put the keyword as it is in the title. However, if you think it sounds unnatural, you should break it into several words. So, use the words in that keyword to create a title by adding another word. In short, you should make it natural and look like it was written by a human.

2. The page title length

Next, you also need to pay more attention to the length of your page title. The too-short title won’t attract people. A too-long title will only make people too lazy to read it. You have to use the correct length, so it is not only easy to understand. It is also entirely visible on the Google SERP.

How many words should be in the page title? The ideal length is between 10 to 14 words. Your page title will be visible on the Google page. Then, you need to ensure that the title explains the content perfectly.

3. Avoid clickbait title

Making a sensational page title is indeed attracting many people’s attention. People also most likely visit the page with that kind of title. However, you also should think about the future. Do you want to get a short visit or a loyal visitor?

Many clickbait titles end up with disappointment. People expect something wow from the title, and they get a meh content. It is affecting the user experience on your website, which is one of the elements of SEO. Therefore, make the title that matches your content, but keep it interesting. People who visit the page through that content will feel helpful and not-deceived. They most likely will visit your website in the future.

4. Inducing curiosity

A good title should make the people who read it curious about the page with that title. Therefore, you shouldn’t reveal everything in your title. Make the visitor question what kind of content or information they will get.


The title is the front line of your online marketing. It is the tip of the spear in the battle against your competitor to attract more visitors to your website. Therefore, creating a good quality title is one of the elements of SEO that every website or blog owner should focus on. Because it will be the gate to receive more people to visit, know, and use your content in the future. We hope you can write a page title that can give you the best effect on your SEO.

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