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Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking Effectively

improve search engine ranking

Knowing how to improve search engine ranking is crucial, especially if you want your online research to be noticeable and known. If you want your customers (or potential customers) to find you easily online, check for your website’s ranking.

Understand the Customers

Think of yourself as a customer. Place yourself from their point of view. Remember that traditional marketing is about understanding the behavior of the customers.

There are stages that usually involve a person’s (searching) behavior. Imagine if you are a customer yourself. There are several stages that may happen:

  1. Customers are highly aware of their existing problems. When they need to fix or repair something, they would look for potential solutions. For instance, ‘leaky plumbing’
  2. When customers understand the problem and they are looking for solutions, they would use related keywords that may include a product type, product feature, or location.
  3. Consumers are ready to create the buy. They generally currently understand where or from which they are most likely to purchase it.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Keywords (or niche) are the phrases or words that users use when they are doing online research. ‘Flower bouquet’ and ‘where to buy flower bouquet online’ are examples of keywords. Once you know the popular keywords that users often use, it would give you clearer ideas of what to include in your content. Basically, knowing the matching keywords gives you ‘inspiration’ for what to create.

Regularly Update the Contents

You want to refresh your content regularly. This is when commitment is needed. One way to improve search engine ranking is to make sure that you always add up new content often. Your contents can be about anything: a new service or product, a customer product review, new information related to the products you are offering, and such thing alike.

It is important to remember that checking your web contents once in 6 months would be helpful. You can remove those who aren’t relevant anymore and ensure that all of your articles is still related and relevant.

When you refresh your content, you basically encourage the search engines to come and visit the site – a little more often. The more they visit, the faster it would be for them to find new content. This is also beneficial for your website rankings. However, you need to remember that it’s better to have your own schedule for the updates.

Understand Keyword Research

Keyword research is a complex process that includes collecting keyword ideas, terms, and phrases that users have used quite a lot within the search engine. With keyword research, you can get insight, information, tips, and knowledge of the users.

Keep in mind that keyword research is a complex and tedious process, but it is worth the entire experience if you can do it right. If you skip this stage, it may hurt your outcome, especially in the long term.

Get Links

When you want to improve search engine ranking, you need to understand how the search engine system works. Search engines would look for other sites providing links to your website when they want to apply ranking to your site.

However, you should also remember that not all links would be considered equal. Links from reputable sites are considered more important and they have more ‘weight’ than those of the less reputable websites. In short, if you have more links from reputable sites, you can expect a better (and higher) rank for your site.

Link Worthy Site Is a Must

When a site is unbiased, information, authoritative, and content-rich, visitors would love coming again and again. If you are able to deliver such information content for your website, you will likely attract links from the other sites – and it will definitely improve your SEO and rank.

Think about the Technical Aspects

Do you know that slow loading speed can hurt your SEO performance; thus, hurting your ranking as well? Do you have the right tools to help you with keyword research or your website analysis? Contents are important, but tools can make your life so much easier. If you are rather low on the budget, you can always use the free tools.

There are so many tools for different purposes. The keyword research tools can help you with your keyword searching journey. Be sure to make use of these tools to ease off your burden.


Dealing with keywords, SEO, and ranking isn’t easy. It’s not a skill that you can master overnight. It takes time and effort, and you should be able to get the hang of it once you are used to the whole thing. These are the only basic info about proper ways to improve search engine ranking, so be sure to learn thoroughly before you start.

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